blp shabash 430x45

  • Red-necked Stint

    Red-necked Stint.   Photographer: Michael Schmid

  • Satin Bowerbird

    Satin Bowerbird.   Photographer: Glenn Pure

  • Little Egret, Plumed Whistling-Duck

    Little Egret, Plumed Whistling-Duck.   Photographer: Richard Smart

  • Brown Treecreeper

    Brown Treecreeper.   Photographer: Emmy Silvius

  • Double-banded Plover, Sanderling

    Double-banded Plover, Sanderling.   Photographer: David Newell

Note: For this competition, I have discounted photos of birds with bright colours or significant markings; I'm being strict with my interpretation of "little brown jobs".

Winner:  Dusky Robin - Michael Brown (Image # 17791).

This is a good photograph of a typical LBJ. The Dusky Robin is well focused, facing the photographer and has a catch light in the eye.

The general standard of the 55 entries is very good.  Selecting a winning entry and highly commended entries was very challenging.

Highlights include many images in which the whole bird is sharply delineated, is shown in its habitat, is shown carrying out interesting behaviours and is true to the species’ jizz.

Arranging the birds attractively in the picture space seems to have been quite a challenge.

The most photographed species was the Crested Pigeon.  Most images displayed an appreciation of the subtle tones of the underparts in particular.  Curved crests, fluffed feathers and interesting Crested Pigeon behaviours were successfully captured in many entries.  Technically, many of the images showed good approaches to using light.

The entries showed a good range of behaviours – perching, drinking, sunning, wing-stretch, flight, feeding, bathing, preening and allopreening.  Many of these effectively captured the jizz of the species concerned.

Our Mystery Reviewer for the Open category of the Our Iconic Parrots competition has chosen to reveal his identity - he is Ofer Levy.  In this competition he has chosen four images to review.

I commend all entrants for accepting the challenge in this first Entry Level competition for 2015.  Clearly, there is a range of technical expertise, which is to be expected in this category.  Two images were the stand-outs for me and one of these, Image #14717 was the clear winner in terms of its compositional elements and technical expertise.  A close second was Image #14467 followed by three other commended images; #14481, #14822 and #14482.

Despite the relatively small number of entries in this Entry Level Photographers competition, there were still some very strong images, and indeed all who entered should be proud of their work. Photography is a life-long learning process, and as long as you maintain the passion for your subject matter, the accumulated experience will inevitably result in ever-improving images.


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