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Gang-gang Cockatoo

Gang-gang Cockatoo
Photographed byCon Boekel on Tue 2nd Jan, 2018 and uploaded on Thu 4th Jan, 2018 .
CommentAll photographic images are abstractions. In this sense they are all unreal representations of the real thing. I was struck by Ian Wilson's use of the term 'fidelity' in his December 2017 excellent article in the BLP newsletter.
'Faithful to what?' I mused.
At the most basic level all our images abstract a three dimensional object into a two dimensional surface. With digital photography millions of pixil-by-pixil choices are made to get there. Camera manufacturers, lens manufactures, software programmers, and photographers make a huge range of choices.
In my case, many of the 'choices' are made for me. Much of the time, I simply do not know a lot about what the manufactures and the programmers are up to. I was strongly reminded of this when I studied Ian Wilson's article in the December 2017 BLP newsletter.
In this case I have pushed abstraction a fair way along the track.
This is a photographic image with most of the original pixils removed.
The remaining pixils were mainly chosen using the 'find edges' function in PSE13. I then removed some more of what I regarded to be either 'superfluous' or 'scrappy' pixils.
Choices, choices!
I feel much more confident around the birds themselves than I do when I am off with the pixils.
I chose this species and this subject for a small exploration into abstraction choices because,, out of around 10,000 species in the planet, there is only one species which has this unique crest.
An experienced birdo will instantly 'get' this species.
Which leads me to the thought that a bird's 'jizz' is another form of abstraction.
EquipmentCanon 5D Mk IV
Canon EF 500mm 1:4 L IS 11 USM
Velbon tripod
1/1000 sec
0 step
500 mm
Processed using first DPP 4 and then PSE 13
LocationTurner (Australian Capital Territory)
Keywordsfemale, adult
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