• Pink-eared Duck (Image ID 38055)

    Pink-eared Duck.   Photographer: Gary King

  • Silver Gull (Image ID 19884)

    Silver Gull.   Photographer: Rob Parker

  • Grey Fantail (Image ID 35833)

    Grey Fantail.   Photographer: Paul Jensen

  • Australian Ringneck (Image ID 33192)

    Australian Ringneck.   Photographer: Bill Harding

  • Great Pied Cormorant (Image ID 38639)

    Great Pied Cormorant.   Photographer: Harry Charalambous

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The 2020 BirdLife Australia Photography Awards competition is open for entries until 3rd August.

For all details, and submission of entries, visit the BirdLIfe Australia Photography Awards website.

This Search facility will search all website content, uploaded documents, and images.  Some content on this site is restricted to BLP members; visitors may not be able to access all the items found.  The search options button on the All Photos page (on the Photo Gallery drop-down menu), and on individual gallery pages, provides more options for searching images only.

Latest Images

Rainbow Lorikeet (Image ID 41218)
Rainbow Lorikeet
Michael Hamel-Green
Viewed: 7
Spotted Pardalote (Image ID 41217)
Spotted Pardalote
Michael Hamel-Green
Viewed: 10
Spotted Pardalote (Image ID 41216)
Spotted Pardalote
Michael Hamel-Green
Viewed: 10
Spotted Pardalote (Image ID 41215)
Spotted Pardalote
Michael Hamel-Green
Viewed: 9
Australian Magpie (Image ID 41214)
Australian Magpie
Edward Mikucki
Viewed: 8
Plains-wanderer (Image ID 41213)
Michael Todd
Viewed: 16
Purple Swamphen (Image ID 41212)
Purple Swamphen
Edward Mikucki
Viewed: 7

The theme for our third competition for 2020 is Head and Bill.  The focus is on the head and bill but an appropriate amount of neck and upper body (minimum please) as a base for the head and bill is acceptable.  The challenge is to obtain sharpness and clarity with the identifiable features of the head and bill including those features that identify the species. Please remember that all competition entries must have relevant comments, including why you have chosen the image for the competition (there is a link to further guidance on the Submit Photos page).

This competition is open for submission of entries until Monday 10th August 2020.  Images must have been taken during the last four years (that is, on or after 15th June 2016). Up to four of your best images may be submitted. Images submitted to previous competitions, or to the New Images gallery, may be submitted to this competition; if you choose to do this, you must resubmit the image to the competition gallery; images cannot be moved from an existing gallery. There are now maximum and minimum size requirements for all levels of competition. Images may be up to 1800 pixels wide and/or high, and must have at least one dimension meeting the minimum size requirement for the competition level; for the Advanced competition, the minimum size is 1800 pixels, for the Intermediate and Entry Level competitions the minimum size is 1400 pixels.


Recent Picks

Plains-wanderer (Image ID 41213)
Michael Todd
Viewed: 16
Red-chested Button-quail (Image ID 41184)
Red-chested Button-quail
Michael Todd
Viewed: 40
Buff-rumped Thornbill (Image ID 41182)
Buff-rumped Thornbill
Bruce Hawkins
Viewed: 36
Brown Falcon (Image ID 41136)
Brown Falcon
Graham Gall
Viewed: 60
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (Image ID 41111)
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Graham Gall
Viewed: 55
Great Egret (Image ID 41095)
Great Egret
Yolande Lebreux
Viewed: 46
Splendid Fairy-wren (Image ID 41086)
Splendid Fairy-wren
Philip Karstadt
Viewed: 28
Australian King-Parrot (Image ID 40977)
Australian King-Parrot
Ian Wilson
Viewed: 105
Laughing Kookaburra (Image ID 40974)
Laughing Kookaburra
Graham Gall
Viewed: 86
Striated Grasswren (Image ID 40966)
Striated Grasswren
Michael Todd
Viewed: 76


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