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Inspiring and Supporting Photographers of Australian Birds

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  • Fan-tailed Cuckoo,Superb Fairy-wren (Image ID 23735)

    Fan-tailed Cuckoo,Superb Fairy-wren.   Photographer: Stephen Garth

  • Satin Bowerbird (Image ID 19432)

    Satin Bowerbird.   Photographer: Glenn Pure

  • Bar-tailed Godwit (Image ID 39031)

    Bar-tailed Godwit.   Photographer: Bruce McNaughton

  • Little Tern (Image ID 19077)

    Little Tern.   Photographer: Mal Carnegie

  • Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (Image ID 43362)

    Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.   Photographer: Rob Solic

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Latest Images

Australasian Pipit (Image ID 45726)
Australasian Pipit
Allan Rose
Viewed: 16
Laughing Kookaburra (Image ID 45725)
Laughing Kookaburra
Kevin Bowring
Viewed: 16
Australasian Figbird (Image ID 45724)
Australasian Figbird
Kevin Bowring
Viewed: 15
Rainbow Lorikeet (Image ID 45723)
Rainbow Lorikeet
Kevin Bowring
Viewed: 11
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet (Image ID 45722)
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Kevin Bowring
Viewed: 11
White-headed Pigeon (Image ID 45721)
White-headed Pigeon
Malcolm Bone
Viewed: 16
White-headed Pigeon (Image ID 45720)
White-headed Pigeon
Malcolm Bone
Viewed: 17
White-headed Pigeon (Image ID 45719)
White-headed Pigeon
Malcolm Bone
Viewed: 17
Great Egret (Image ID 45718)
Great Egret
Douglas Wilson
Viewed: 19
White Tern (Image ID 45716)
White Tern
Trevor Harders
Viewed: 28
Pink-eared Duck (Image ID 45711)
Pink-eared Duck
Tim Van Leeuwen
Viewed: 18
Black-tailed Native-hen (Image ID 45710)
Black-tailed Native-hen
Tim Van Leeuwen
Viewed: 22
Black-tailed Native-hen (Image ID 45709)
Black-tailed Native-hen
Tim Van Leeuwen
Viewed: 21
Red-kneed Dotterel (Image ID 45708)
Red-kneed Dotterel
Tim Van Leeuwen
Viewed: 21
Purple-gaped Honeyeater (Image ID 45707)
Purple-gaped Honeyeater
Jill Wilson
Viewed: 22

Member voting for the Best of 2020 competition, which closed for entries on 8th March and for voting on 22nd March, has been analysed and the results for the top five images in each category are listed here.  This competition received good support from our members, with 340 images entered across the 3 competition levels by 106 photographers.  The Winner is the image which received the most votes; and we also show the next four highest placed images, rating them as Highly Commended if they received at least 90% of the votes for the winning image, and Commended for scores less than that.

Advanced Level – Best of 2020

This category attracted 115 entries, from 34 photographers. 45 members voted, with the following result:

Intermediate Level – Best of 2020

This category attracted 157 entries, from 48 photographers. 53 members voted, with the following result:

Entry Level – Best of 2020

This category attracted 72 entries, from 24 photographers. 47 members voted, with the following result:

Congratulations to all these photographers for their quality images.

Recent Picks

Orange Chat (Image ID 45691)
Orange Chat
Ian Colley
Viewed: 67
New Holland Honeyeater (Image ID 45617)
New Holland Honeyeater
Stephen Garth
Viewed: 67
Chestnut-breasted Whiteface (Image ID 45598)
Chestnut-breasted Whiteface
Chris Young
Viewed: 165
Inland Thornbill (Image ID 45590)
Inland Thornbill
Woody Woodhouse
Viewed: 78
Plumed Whistling-Duck (Image ID 45575)
Plumed Whistling-Duck
Adam Higgins
Viewed: 78
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo (Image ID 45542)
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
Tim Van Leeuwen
Viewed: 186
Southern Royal Albatross (Image ID 45524)
Southern Royal Albatross
Ian Wilson
Viewed: 206
Sacred Kingfisher (Image ID 45518)
Sacred Kingfisher
Mary Wheeler
Viewed: 193
Flesh-footed Shearwater (Image ID 45497)
Flesh-footed Shearwater
Ian Wilson
Viewed: 194
Great Egret (Image ID 45456)
Great Egret
Nathan Watson
Viewed: 164


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