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Inspiring and Supporting Photographers of Australian Birds

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  • Stubble Quail (Image ID 21275)

    Stubble Quail.   Photographer: Harry Charalambous

  • Gouldian Finch (Image ID 31764)

    Gouldian Finch.   Photographer: Doug Castle

  • Eastern Rosella (Image ID 37405)

    Eastern Rosella.   Photographer: Emmy Silvius

  • Scarlet Robin (Image ID 43844)

    Scarlet Robin.   Photographer: Rob Solic

  • Swamp Harrier (Image ID 20269)

    Swamp Harrier.   Photographer: Ian Wilson

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The next BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference will be held on the Gold Coast, QLD, in the Mantra at Sharks Events Centre and Hotel on 21st & 22nd May  2022.

Visit the dedicated BirdLIfe Photography Conference website for details, and to register.
 The 2022 BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference is generously sponsored by:  Destination Gold Coast logo
BirdLife Australia Photography Awards

 Entries for the BirdLife Australia Photography Awards opened on 28th May

 Entries close at 11:59 PM (AEST) on 2nd August.

This Search facility will search all website content, uploaded documents, and images.  Some content on this site is restricted to BLP members; visitors may not be able to access all the items found.  The search options button on the All Photos page (on the Photo Gallery drop-down menu), and on individual gallery pages, provides more options for searching images only.

Latest Images

Sacred Kingfisher (Image ID 47245)
Sacred Kingfisher
Gary King
Viewed: 12
Jacky Winter (Image ID 47243)
Jacky Winter
Brian O'Leary
Viewed: 10
Jacky Winter (Image ID 47242)
Jacky Winter
Brian O'Leary
Viewed: 12
Blue-billed Duck (Image ID 47241)
Blue-billed Duck
Lindsay Hansch
Viewed: 8
Blue-billed Duck (Image ID 47240)
Blue-billed Duck
Lindsay Hansch
Viewed: 6
Sooty Oystercatcher (Image ID 47239)
Sooty Oystercatcher
Craig Lakey
Viewed: 12
White-winged Fairy-wren (Image ID 47229)
White-winged Fairy-wren
Steve Mantle
Viewed: 18
Little Egret (Image ID 47228)
Little Egret
Jim Schultz
Viewed: 10
Nankeen Night-Heron (Image ID 47227)
Nankeen Night-Heron
Graham Gall
Viewed: 18
Nankeen Night-Heron (Image ID 47226)
Nankeen Night-Heron
Graham Gall
Viewed: 20
Brown Falcon (Image ID 47221)
Brown Falcon
Douglas Wilson
Viewed: 6

Our 2022 Photo Competitions for BirdLife Photography members will have the following themes:

  1. Best of 2021.  Up to four of your best bird shots taken during 2021.
  2. Migrants.  Included in this category are bird species that visit Australia from overseas on a regular basis as part of their lifecycle.  It does not include vagrants.  It includes Australian species that move interstate to breed.
  3. Creating Artistic Images.  Anything goes as long as you meet the image size requirements.  Images can be colour or monochrome.  The comments must explain how you took or created the image and what you were trying to achieve with your image. 
  4. Raptors, Owls, Frogmouths and Nightjars.  The final competition for 2022 includes 52 species from the above groups.  Only photographs taken during the day will be accepted; for ethical reason images taken at night using artificial light or flash will not be accepted.

Except for the Best of 2021 competition, all entries must have been taken within three years of the opening date of the competition; this is a change to our standard competition rules.  Full details of the competition themes, and the competition dates, are now available on the 2022 Competition Themes page.  The coming months may give opportunities to photograph candidates for the Migrants competition.

Recent Picks

Nankeen Night-Heron (Image ID 47226)
Nankeen Night-Heron
Graham Gall
Viewed: 20
Southern Whiteface (Image ID 47151)
Southern Whiteface
Steve Mantle
Viewed: 65
Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo (Image ID 47072)
Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo
Chris Young
Viewed: 135
Superb Fairy-wren (Image ID 47058)
Superb Fairy-wren
Graham Gall
Viewed: 55
Fan-tailed Cuckoo (Image ID 46833)
Fan-tailed Cuckoo
Chris Young
Viewed: 224
Willie Wagtail (Image ID 46774)
Willie Wagtail
Stephen Garth
Viewed: 250
Tawny Frogmouth (Image ID 46725)
Tawny Frogmouth
Steve Mantle
Viewed: 182
Striated Heron (Image ID 46693)
Striated Heron
Steve Mantle
Viewed: 287
Black-necked Stork (Image ID 46683)
Black-necked Stork
Angela Farnsworth
Viewed: 182
White-faced Heron (Image ID 46617)
White-faced Heron
Darren Hibberd
Viewed: 382


The easiest way to contact us is by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Our People page, in the About Us section, contains email links to each of the committee members.