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Inspiring and Supporting Photographers of Australian Birds

  • Whistling Kite (Image ID 25808)

    Whistling Kite.   Photographer: Doug Castle

  • Magpie Goose, Plumed Whistling-Duck (Image ID 46731)

    Magpie Goose, Plumed Whistling-Duck.   Photographer: Geoffrey Stapley

  • Australian Pelican (Image ID 27180)

    Australian Pelican.   Photographer: Rob Parker

  • Eastern Spinebill (Image ID 43166)

    Eastern Spinebill.   Photographer: Rob Solic

  • Variegated Fairy-wren (Image ID 33027)

    Variegated Fairy-wren.   Photographer: Richard Smart

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Best of 2022
Up to four of your best bird shots taken during 2022.
31 January 14 March 15 March 28 March

Included in this category are bird species that visit Australia from overseas on a regular basis as part of their lifecycle.  It does not include vagrants.  It also includes Australian species that move interstate to breed, such as the Regent Honeyeater, Satin Flycatcher, Rainbow Bee-eater, Swift Parrot and the Orange-bellied Parrot.  Both the Superb Parrot and the Regent Parrot that breed along the Murray River will be accepted as interstate migrants.

18 April 30 May 31 May 13 June
Creating Artistic Images

Anything goes as long as you meet the image size requirements.  Images can be colour or monochrome.  The comments must explain how you took or created the image and what you were trying to achieve with your image.   Have a look at our Creative Images Gallery to get an idea of what sort of images fit into this category.  We suggest you also have a look at Georgina Steytler’s e-booklet "The Art of Bird Photography" (available here) or look at her Zoom presentation "How To Use Light Creatively in Bird Photography", available in Resources - Our Zoom Presentations.  Georgina makes an important point “You do not have to be creative to be creative”. As well as using light you could consider texture, patterns, blurs, curves and diagonals.  Rule 9 of the Current Competition Rules will not apply to this competition.

27 June 8 August 9 August 22 August
Raptors, Owls, Frogmouths and Nightjars
The final competition for 2022 includes 52 species from the above groups.  Only photographs taken during the day will be accepted.  For ethical reason images taken at night using artificial light or flash will not be accepted..
12 September 24 October 25  October 7 November

Please note: dates are approximate, and may be changed.  Dates will be announced on our homepage, and in email messages to members; these announcements will also contain details of the theme, and any special competition rules.

The first competition for 2023 will be “Best of 2022”; images must have been taken during 2022.


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