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Contents of Creative Images

This gallery contains "creative" images submitted by our members.  These images can be either direct from camera, or created by image processing - there is no restriction on what is allowed.  These images are based on an Australian bird (or birds), but the resultant image need not portray an immediately-recognisable bird.  The Comments field has details of how the image was produced.

Simply click on a thumbnail image to open the full-size image in a separate page, with all details shown (except images in Current Competition Galleries have some features hidden). If you know the Image ID number that you wish to view, enter it in the box below, and click the 'Go to Image ID Number' button.


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Splendid Fairy-wren (Image ID 37368)
Splendid Fairy-wren
Graham Gall
Viewed: 13
Masked Lapwing (Image ID 37336)
Masked Lapwing
Graham Gall
Viewed: 17
Australian Pelican (Image ID 37335)
Australian Pelican
Graham Gall
Viewed: 13
Regent Bowerbird (Image ID 37270)
Regent Bowerbird
Graham Gall
Viewed: 18
Pied Stilt (Image ID 37264)
Pied Stilt
Graham Gall
Viewed: 14
Scarlet-chested Parrot (Image ID 37255)
Scarlet-chested Parrot
Graham Gall
Viewed: 25
Green Catbird (Image ID 37147)
Green Catbird
Alison Bowling
Viewed: 30
Pied Cormorant (Image ID 37107)
Pied Cormorant
Graham Gall
Viewed: 32
White-faced Heron (Image ID 37045)
White-faced Heron
Leigh Rolfe
Viewed: 30
New Holland Honeyeater (Image ID 36985)
New Holland Honeyeater
Graham Gall
Viewed: 43
Azure Kingfisher (Image ID 36542)
Azure Kingfisher
Dirk Klynsmith
Viewed: 75
Common Blackbird (Image ID 36518)
Common Blackbird
Graham Gall
Viewed: 72
Bell Miner (Image ID 36510)
Bell Miner
Graham Gall
Viewed: 81
Scarlet Robin (Image ID 36241)
Scarlet Robin
Rodger Scott
Viewed: 61
Wedge-tailed Eagle (Image ID 35969)
Wedge-tailed Eagle
Shane Walker
Viewed: 74
Rainbow Bee-eater (Image ID 35814)
Rainbow Bee-eater
Robert Bridges
Viewed: 59
Southern Giant-Petrel (Image ID 35813)
Southern Giant-Petrel
Robert Bridges
Viewed: 60
Galah (Image ID 35805)
Philip Karstadt
Viewed: 95
Brolga (Image ID 35339)
Lindsay Cooke
Viewed: 70
Little Egret (Image ID 35328)
Little Egret
Rodney Appleby
Viewed: 71

Showing images 1 to 20 of 113


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