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Silver Gull

Silver Gull
Photographed byCon Boekel on Tue 29th Aug, 2017 and uploaded on Sat 25th Nov, 2017 .

Nearly all the squabbles in a flock of gulls is ritualized. There is an established pecking order and dominant and subordinate birds usually use highly predictable displays to signal status and to avoid conflict. What actually looks like a squabble of gulls is actually fairly organized. (Within the established order, snatch a morsel and flee is allowed. Gulls are, after all, gulls!)

From time-to-time, the fights get real as pairs of birds struggle desperately to establish dominance. This fight continued for some time. The bird on the right suffered eye damage as a consequence of the struggle.
EquipmentCanon 5D Mk IV
Canon EF 500mm 1:4 L IS 11 USM
1/3200 sec
0 step
500 mm
Processed using first DPP 4 and then PSE 13
LocationKingscliff (New South Wales)
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