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Shy Albatross

Shy Albatross
Photographed byRodger Scott on Sun 19th Mar, 2017 and uploaded by McKinley Moens on Wed 9th May, 2018 .
CommentImmature Shy Albatross
Scientific Name = Thalassarche cauta
Wingspan = 2 - 2.6m
Conservation Status = Vulnerable

This species was misidentified as Black-browed Albatross x2, Salvin’s Albatross x2, Southern Giant Petrel x1, Buller’s Albatross x1

This immature Shy Albatross caused quite a bit of confusion in this Challenge! The difference between an immature Black-browed Albatross (BBA) and the Shy Albatross (SHA) is the underwing. BBAs have quite a dark underwing and SHAs have a white underwing with black margins. The difference between an immature Salvin’s and a Shy is the face. It is always grey, never white. The difference between a Southern Giant-petrel and a Shy Albatross is the tube-nose. The difference between an immature Buller’s and a Shy is the olive-coloured beak.
Location30nm south of Port Fairy (Victoria)
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