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  • Azure Kingfisher (Image ID 28903)

    Azure Kingfisher.   Photographer: Bill Harding

  • Australasian Grebe (Image ID 21068)

    Australasian Grebe.   Photographer: Adam Higgins

  • Bar-shouldered Dove (Image ID 27608)

    Bar-shouldered Dove.   Photographer: Adam Higgins

  • Australasian Grebe (Image ID 24459)

    Australasian Grebe.   Photographer: Doug Castle

  • Spotted Pardalote (Image ID 25917)

    Spotted Pardalote.   Photographer: Chris Dubar

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The next BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference (previously Digital Photography In The Bush) will be held in Fremantle, WA, on 21st & 22nd September 2019.

This Search facility will search all website content, uploaded documents, and images.  Some content on this site is restricted to BLP members; visitors may not be able to access all the items found.  The search options button on the All Photos page (on the Photo Gallery drop-down menu), and on individual gallery pages, provides more options for searching images only.

Latest Images

Scarlet Robin (Image ID 34556)
Scarlet Robin
Gary King
Viewed: 8
Scarlet Robin (Image ID 34555)
Scarlet Robin
Gary King
Viewed: 11
Chinstrap Penguin (Image ID 34554)
Chinstrap Penguin
Glenn Pure
Viewed: 7
Flame Robin (Image ID 34552)
Flame Robin
Gary King
Viewed: 22

Next Tuesday, 26th March, BirdLife Australia is running a Nature Laws event at their Melbourne Annual General Meeting.  They are looking for a volunteer photographer to take pictures of the night, including a few groups shots at the end; they plan to use these images to advertise the following Nature Laws events in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

If you can assist, or would like more details, please email Fiona Blandford (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Community Organiser at BirdLife Australia.


Reminder: member voting for our first competition for this year, Best of 2018, will close on Monday, 25th March 2019.  As usual, you may vote for one or more of the competition levels; you do not need to have submitted an image to the competition to vote.

If you need help on how to vote, see the Photo Galleries-Competitions-Competition Voting page.

Please remember that this is not a popularity vote for your favourite bird, the rarest species or the most colourful bird.  Your scoring (5 points for the best image, down to 1 point for your fifth choice) should reflect the following:

  • Does the image meet the theme criteria?
  • Does the image meet the key criteria for a quality image? (see 'Competition Voting' for more details).

In addition to the membership vote, each competition level is reviewed by an experienced/professional judge - our "Mystery Reviewer" - and those scores are added to the members' voting results for the end-of-year medal awards.


We have been trialling a larger image size in the Advanced level of this competition; entries for that level were required to be either 1800 pixels wide or 1800 pixels high.  This has some implications for viewing the images.  Our website uses what is known as "responsive design", and will scale images which are wider than your browser window to fit on-screen. This means that if your browser window is not wider than about 1850 pixels (allowing for page margins and scroll-bar), you will not see a full-size image which is 1800 pixels wide; it will be scaled to fit your page width. The screen/browser resolution data that we have available indicates that about 2/3 of our members are using screens with HD (1920 x 1080) or higher resolution, and will be able to see 1800 pixel wide images with no scaling.

If your browser window is wide enough to display the image at full size, there will be no scaling; this means that an image which is 1800 pixels high will need a browser window about 1950 pixels high to see the whole image which is 1800 pixels high (allowing for browser title/menu/address bars and task bar at bottom of screen). Very few of our members have screens with such high resolution; to see the whole of an 1800-high image they will need to reduce their browser window width - yes, it sounds counter-intuitive - to cause the image to be scaled until its height is reduced sufficiently to display in the browser window. For example, there is an image in the Advanced competition which is 1350 wide x 1800 high; on my desktop monitor (1680 x 1050 resolution), with a maximized browser window, I can see the image at full size, but I only see about half of the image height; I need to reduce my browser window width to about 750 pixels to see the complete image, which at that point has been scaled to about 50% of its full size. I would do this if I was assessing images for voting, so that I could see the overall composition; I would also view it full size to see image detail.  Changing the browser window width will allow people with screens which cannot display an 1800 x 1800 image at full size to get the "best of both worlds" with the large image format.

Best Photograph of the Year - Interchangeable Lens Camera

Regent Bowerbirds - Brian O'Leary (Image ID 30762)

Regent Bowerbirds


Best Photograph of the Year - Fixed Lens Camera

Australian Pelican - Rodger Scott (Image ID 31133)

Australian Pelican

The winners of these Photographs of the Year will receive a BLP gold medal.


The other short-list finalists for Photo of the Year were:

Interchangeable Lens Camera:

Fixed Lens Camera:

World renowned bird photographer Glenn Bartley will be the keynote speaker at the Birdlife Photography Biennial Conference on 21st & 22nd September 2019, in Fremantle, WA.

Save those dates!

Glenn Bartley

There's only a few days left to get your entries in for this competition!

Our first photo competition for this year is Best of 2018As the name implies, we invite you to submit your best image(s) taken during 2018.

This competition is open to members for submission of entries until Monday 25th February 2019.  The normal 2-year time limit for photos does not apply for this competition; images for this competition must have been taken during 2018 (ie. between 1st January 2018 and 31st December 2018).  Images submitted to previous competitions, or to the New Images gallery, may be submitted to this competition; if you choose to do this, you must resubmit the image to the competition gallery; images cannot be moved from another existing gallery.  See the Photo Gallery - Competitions section for full details and rules of our competitions, and quick access to the current competition galleries.

For this competition, we are trialing a larger image size for the Advanced level.  In that category, images may be up to 1800px wide and 1800px high; at least one of the image dimensions must be 1800px.  The image filesize limit has also been increased, to 2560kB.

The BirdLife Photography Annual Award for 2018 - our most prestigious award - goes to Tim Van Leeuwen.  This award is made to the member who excels against the following criteria:

  • submits at least 24 high quality images to the image galleries on the website during the calendar year,
  • participates in at least 50% of the Current Competitions organised during the calendar year,
  • actively contributes to at least one of a range of BirdLife Photography activities, events, project or resources that benefit our members.

Tim Van Leeuwen

Tim’s contributions, against these criteria, were as follows:

  • Submitted over 100 images to non-competition galleries. 17 of these appeared in the “Recent Picks” sidebar.
  • Entered every competition during 2018, winning the Member’s Voting and Mystery Reviewer's award in one of these competitions for the year; many other competition entries received commended results.
  • Established our social media sites on Instagram and Facebook, and continues to manage those sites.

Tim’s contribution to BirdLife Photography throughout 2018 was truly outstanding, and we thank him for his efforts.  Congratulations Tim!


The award is presented as a multi-faceted crystal, with a frosted white-on-crystal BLP logo and laser inscription, in a velvet presentation case.

Recent Picks

Rainbow Bee-eater (Image ID 34547)
Rainbow Bee-eater
Patrick Kavanagh
Viewed: 20
Chestnut Teal (Image ID 34549)
Chestnut Teal
Kathy Zonnevylle
Viewed: 307
Painted Honeyeater (Image ID 34532)
Painted Honeyeater
Wilson Lennard
Viewed: 39
Dusky Moorhen (Image ID 34530)
Dusky Moorhen
Con Boekel
Viewed: 24
Baird's Sandpiper (Image ID 34519)
Baird's Sandpiper
Chris Young
Viewed: 52
Red-throated Pipit (Image ID 34501)
Red-throated Pipit
Chris Young
Viewed: 58
Grey Teal (Image ID 34494)
Grey Teal
Con Boekel
Viewed: 34
Green Catbird (Image ID 34477)
Green Catbird
Bill Harding
Viewed: 53
Red-necked Stint (Image ID 34473)
Red-necked Stint
Ian Wilson
Viewed: 57
Tasmanian Native-hen (Image ID 34469)
Tasmanian Native-hen
Terence Alexander
Viewed: 48


The easiest way to contact us is by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Our People page, in the About Us section, contains email links to each of the committee members.