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Contents of Best of 2018 - Intermediate

The theme for this competition is Best of 2018. As the name implies, we invite you to submit your best image(s) taken during 2018.

This competition is open for submission of entries from Monday 14th January 2019 until Monday 25th February 2019. Images must have been taken within 2018 (that is, between 1st January 2018 and 31st December 2018). The standard competition rules apply, with no special conditions except for the time limit.


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Red-eared Firetail (Image ID 34259)
Red-eared Firetail
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo (Image ID 34016)
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Pacific Gull (Image ID 33943)
Pacific Gull
Crimson Rosella (Image ID 34304)
Crimson Rosella
Mangrove Robin (Image ID 34104)
Mangrove Robin
White-bellied Sea-Eagle (Image ID 34174)
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Bush Stone-curlew (Image ID 34060)
Bush Stone-curlew
Australasian Darter (Image ID 34105)
Australasian Darter
Palm Cockatoo (Image ID 34163)
Palm Cockatoo
Splendid Fairy-wren (Image ID 34314)
Splendid Fairy-wren
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo (Image ID 34177)
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Australasian Gannet (Image ID 33928)
Australasian Gannet
Whistling Kite (Image ID 33951)
Whistling Kite
Leaden Flycatcher (Image ID 34305)
Leaden Flycatcher
Buff-rumped Thornbill (Image ID 33929)
Buff-rumped Thornbill
Crested Tern (Image ID 33558)
Crested Tern
Northern Giant-Petrel (Image ID 34170)
Northern Giant-Petrel
Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher (Image ID 34238)
Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher
Western Spinebill (Image ID 34222)
Western Spinebill
Superb Fairy-wren (Image ID 33831)
Superb Fairy-wren
Crested Tern (Image ID 34275)
Crested Tern
White-browed Woodswallow (Image ID 34108)
White-browed Woodswallow
Whimbrel (Image ID 33854)
Light-mantled Sooty Albatross (Image ID 33983)
Light-mantled Sooty Albatross
Hoary-headed Grebe (Image ID 33674)
Hoary-headed Grebe
Bush Stone-curlew (Image ID 34106)
Bush Stone-curlew
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (Image ID 34242)
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Silver Gull (Image ID 34178)
Silver Gull
Palm Cockatoo (Image ID 33978)
Palm Cockatoo
Great Crested Grebe (Image ID 34219)
Great Crested Grebe
Pacific Black Duck (Image ID 34179)
Pacific Black Duck
Fairy Tern (Image ID 33631)
Fairy Tern
Great Egret (Image ID 33772)
Great Egret
Southern Boobook (Image ID 34099)
Southern Boobook
Caspian Tern (Image ID 33843)
Caspian Tern
Little Pied Cormorant (Image ID 33676)
Little Pied Cormorant
Azure Kingfisher (Image ID 33987)
Azure Kingfisher
Brown Goshawk (Image ID 34290)
Brown Goshawk
Broad-billed Sandpiper (Image ID 34252)
Broad-billed Sandpiper
Dusky Grasswren (Image ID 34239)
Dusky Grasswren
Wandering Tattler (Image ID 34165)
Wandering Tattler
Superb Fairy-wren (Image ID 33832)
Superb Fairy-wren
Turquoise Parrot (Image ID 33930)
Turquoise Parrot
Zebra Finch (Image ID 34075)
Zebra Finch
Sacred Kingfisher (Image ID 34296)
Sacred Kingfisher
Australasian Gannet (Image ID 33894)
Australasian Gannet
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin (Image ID 33829)
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin
Striated Heron (Image ID 34159)
Striated Heron
New Holland Honeyeater (Image ID 34294)
New Holland Honeyeater
Rainbow Bee-eater (Image ID 34162)
Rainbow Bee-eater
Chestnut Teal (Image ID 33795)
Chestnut Teal
Pink Robin (Image ID 34278)
Pink Robin
Australian Pelican (Image ID 34312)
Australian Pelican
Red-headed Honeyeater (Image ID 33853)
Red-headed Honeyeater
Purple Swamphen (Image ID 34311)
Purple Swamphen
Forty-spotted Pardalote (Image ID 33845)
Forty-spotted Pardalote
Spinifex Pigeon (Image ID 33964)
Spinifex Pigeon
Great Crested Grebe (Image ID 34315)
Great Crested Grebe
Dusky Honeyeater (Image ID 33560)
Dusky Honeyeater
Nankeen Kestrel (Image ID 33977)
Nankeen Kestrel
Australian King-Parrot, Satin Bowerbird (Image ID 34057)
Australian King-Parrot, Satin Bowerbird
Olive-backed Sunbird (Image ID 34306)
Olive-backed Sunbird
Striated Heron (Image ID 33580)
Striated Heron
Red-winged Fairy-wren (Image ID 34220)
Red-winged Fairy-wren
Rockwarbler (Image ID 34276)
Kelp Gull (Image ID 34281)
Kelp Gull
White-fronted Honeyeater (Image ID 33931)
White-fronted Honeyeater
Cape Barren Goose (Image ID 34180)
Cape Barren Goose
Yellow-faced Honeyeater (Image ID 34298)
Yellow-faced Honeyeater
Fan-tailed Cuckoo, White-browed Scrubwren (Image ID 34293)
Fan-tailed Cuckoo, White-browed Scrubwren
Striated Heron (Image ID 34043)
Striated Heron
Light-mantled Sooty Albatross (Image ID 33982)
Light-mantled Sooty Albatross
Great Egret (Image ID 33673)
Great Egret
Yellow-throated Scrubwren (Image ID 34279)
Yellow-throated Scrubwren
Striated Heron (Image ID 34171)
Striated Heron
Rainbow Bee-eater (Image ID 33867)
Rainbow Bee-eater
White-necked Heron (Image ID 33893)
White-necked Heron
Light-mantled Sooty Albatross (Image ID 33981)
Light-mantled Sooty Albatross
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove (Image ID 33643)
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove
White-cheeked Honeyeater (Image ID 34307)
White-cheeked Honeyeater
Osprey (Image ID 33694)
Brown Falcon (Image ID 33796)
Brown Falcon
Yellow-throated Miner (Image ID 34310)
Yellow-throated Miner
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (Image ID 34309)
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Pacific Black Duck (Image ID 34261)
Pacific Black Duck
Crested Tern (Image ID 33846)
Crested Tern
Hooded Parrot (Image ID 33793)
Hooded Parrot
Little Wattlebird (Image ID 33830)
Little Wattlebird
Grey Butcherbird (Image ID 34097)
Grey Butcherbird
Australian King-Parrot (Image ID 34164)
Australian King-Parrot
Red-winged Fairy-wren (Image ID 33759)
Red-winged Fairy-wren
Black-fronted Dotterel (Image ID 34313)
Black-fronted Dotterel
Little Wattlebird (Image ID 34042)
Little Wattlebird
Buller's Albatross (Image ID 34280)
Buller's Albatross
Red-necked Avocet (Image ID 34292)
Red-necked Avocet
White-browed Scrubwren (Image ID 33677)
White-browed Scrubwren

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